Redefining the connection with the Outside

In this seaside home, the living space reveals itself through a varied range of sequences and views that change with the seasons and the passage of time. This project comes to life when these moments are captured, where each new architectural fragment enters and "dances" in its context.

With a strong background, the renovation challenge was to create a new environment, a new life, and bring it a warm atmosphere.
The owners wanted to renovate the house and adapt it to their lifestyle, more comfortable and above all according to their tastes. The interiors were carefully designed to create new connections between areas, but also to establish new relationships with the outside.
Many details can be found in each area, whether through the choice of materials such as terracotta, oak wood, or the manufacture of hidden doors that allow a more refined dialogue with the existing space.
Everything was designed with detail, in a way that each architectural element finds its way, and where each sequence and framing highlights what existed previously and also conveys a strong message of unity.
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Vitra Standard Chairs.

Location | Les-Portes-en-Ré, France
Area | 90 m2
Martins | Afonso design studio
Photographer | Mickaël Martins Afonso