Rolf and Mette Hay

Rolf and Mette Hay are the founders of Hay, one of the brands we most admire and that you can find at Paris:Sete. In the book Hay, published by Phaidon, it is possible to discover the entire universe of this Danish brand, which always surprises us with its color, functionality and diversity of solutions. In the first chapter, the couple explains their journey and home in Denmark.

Founded in 2002, Hay emerged after Rolf and Mette met while working at another Danish brand that Paris:Sete also represents, Gubi. United by their sensitivity to design, the couple has built a collection of products that covers all areas of the home, office and outdoor spaces. “A lot of people told us we were crazy to create a company together, but Hay would never have become what it is if we hadn't,” says Rolf Hay.

This creative union is visible in all aspects of the brand, from the products to the way they are presented. Rolf, responsible for the furniture and lighting collection, and Mette, director of the accessories collection, have managed to develop products that adapt to most people's daily lives through democratic and positive design. "For us, design is intuitive. We have a strong belief that beauty and function should always be combined. Every project begins with the feeling that there is a need for a certain product in the world. That need is usually a humble, discrete moment in our everyday lives - making breakfast, brushing our teeth or sitting down for a quick lunch - that we believe can be improved through good design."

Explore the Hay collection here and shop a selection of the brand's pieces here .