Dandy wardrobe, LEMA

The Dandy wardrobe, like the entire LEMA wardrobe collection, is a wardrobe focused on maximum flexibility, not only in terms of dimensions but also in terms of models, materials, elements, finishes and accessories.

The wide variety of elements allows maximum customization, allowing the customer to create exactly the wardrobe they want for their room.

The system is built on a basis in which structures and doors (hinged, sliding, coplanar and folding) are the main elements. Four different ways to interpret the wardrobe, designed not only to keep everything tidy, but also for the pleasure of having a place dedicated to your most personal objects.

dandy wardrobe motto paris seven Dandy wardrobe, LEMA

The interior is equally customizable with two basic options: Comfort, with a discreet presence, and Tech, with a strong visual impact that combines innovative materials and delicate colors, emphasized by the interior lighting system.

dandy wardrobe motto paris seven decor

dandy wardrobe motto paris seven home decor

The Dandy wardrobe is characterized by its frame-shaped doors in black metal and varieties of panels: transparent glass, glass with bronze reflection, lacquered glass (10 colors available), glass with textile screen printing or decorative fabric.

Also deeply customizable, it is possible to create combinations for any need, such as drawers, showcases for pants, belts and shoes.

dandy wardrobe motto paris seven interior design

paris seve showroom LEMA flagship store LEMA Room, Paris: Sete Showroom
Paris Sete LEMA flagship store Dandy Wardrobe, LEMA - Paris:Sete Showroom

Come and see our LEMA corner! A space dedicated entirely to the Italian brand measuring around 100m2, with a living room and bedroom atmosphere.

For more information, please contact 213 933 170 or info@paris-sete.com