Selecta Cabinet System, LEMA

A highly developed system, capable of expanding within a system of perfect geometry and the creativity of a flexible structure. LEMA's Selecta cabinet system adds a touch of elegance, spontaneity and intelligence to the home.

The modular nature of its elements allows you to create customizable compositions. The richness and quality of the finish makes Selecta the ideal choice for a sophisticated classic or contemporary environment.

Since 1985, the date of its launch, the Selecta system has undergone constant updates due to the introduction of new finishes and elements, in order to adapt to the evolution of current spaces, satisfying all aesthetic and functional needs.

Using the best technology and the countless solutions available, the Selecta system represents the ideal choice when designing multifunctional walls with integrated multimedia systems. With more than 1500 elements, all with a variety of finishes and touches, the possibilities for customizing Selecta are endless.

system selecta motto paris seven interior decoration

motto selecta system paris seven decor

selecta motto paris seven interior decoration

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select closet motto

select cabinet LEMA paris seve Selecta System, LEMA - Paris:Sete Showroom

Come and see our LEMA corner! A space dedicated entirely to the Italian brand measuring around 100m2, with a living room and bedroom atmosphere.

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