Workspace Solutions - String

When we hear the term workspace, we see a variety of different possible configurations.

Some of us work in an office, some at home, and others have a mix of both. Regardless of your workspace location, String Shelving has you covered with workspace solutions that contain everything from height-adjustable electric desks to shelving solutions with a work desk. By adding smart accessories like organizers, you can create a workspace with just a few products.

String has inspiration for the home office, conference rooms or offices with side tables. A workspace is equally important as any other room in the house, if not more important, due to the number of hours most of us spend there. We focus on creating inspiration for all types of workspaces where function and design are in balance.

string modular furniture

string modular furniture

Have you heard of the BYO tool? It is a configuration tool where you can design and create your own String configurations. With all the measurements, colors and pieces available, you can customize your shelf according to your needs.

string system

string system modular furniture

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