Soul Fragments - Interview with Daria Daguzan

On November 3rd, the Soul Fragments exhibition opened at Paris:Sete, which will be on display until November 30th in our showroom. Curated by Daria Daguzan, a French interior architect who lives in Lisbon, the exhibition brings together a group of emerging international artists who have a close relationship with the Portuguese capital, covering disciplines such as painting, photography or sculpture. You can see the full exhibition catalog here .

We spoke to Daria Daguzan (above) to find out more about the exhibition:

What was your inspiration for the exhibition?
As I looked for artists I wanted to include in the exhibition, I slowly found inspiration. It is usually the process that helps me get the desired result.

↑ The photographs of Aurelien Caoudal

What message did you intend to convey?
I would like people to see art as something accessible and important like a piece of furniture. Currently, design is something that people are increasingly attracted to. We want to have a beautiful low table for our living room or a well-designed lamp for the bedroom and not something that everyone has. Art is also visually functional, as essential as furniture.

↑Greg Hannan and his works

How did you choose the artists and their works?
For the way they make me feel. I hope everyone has the opportunity to understand them in a slightly different way than I do, so that we can have the opportunity to talk more about the works.

↑ Delia Hamer and her painting 'Arise'

“I would like people to see art as something accessible and important like a piece of furniture.”

↑ Rio Gilmer-Goncalves and the triptych 'Lines & Dots'

↑ The Paris team:Sete at the opening of the exhibition

↑ The inauguration