String Indoor/Outdoor

What better way to reinvigorate a classic design than to reimagine it for outdoor use?

Swedish brand String Furniture's iconic shelving system gets a breath of fresh air.

Developed by architect Nils Strinning in 1949, the String system incorporates everything that is characteristic of Scandinavian design, as it manages to be both rational - and, in the case of String, architectural - and, at the same time, through its materiality, express a natural harmony.

string furniture system

Rational, architectural, but always friendly and adaptable. The String system speaks to the very essence of Scandinavian design.

"Many customers started to ask about the possibility of using our normal metal range outdoors", explains Erlandsson, "We could not recommend it due to the risk of creating rust. So we decided with the architects Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström to develop a attractive solution for the exterior".

'Physical robustness aside, the String value proposition is a simple one: chronological toughness'

The classic ladder-shaped side panels of the String system have been combined with new galvanized shelves. Alu-zinc coated steel makes the surface resistant to moisture and rust.

outdoor string system

outdoor string system

Do you want to customize your String system? There are endless possibilities for colors, materials and layouts.

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