A Space Where Aesthetics and Utility Can Coexist

The space was imagined and designed to find homogeneity where aesthetics and utility coexist harmoniously.

In the past, this house, located on a farm, underwent some not very well thought out changes, which resulted in the deformation of its aesthetics. The owners did not feel at home.

The necessary addition of two extensions offered a new utilitarian function to the pre-existing space and justified the creation of a central courtyard. The two extensions - the living room and the kitchen - enhance the spaces and improve the purpose of each room. The large glazed windows help the house and garden embrace each other.

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As for the materials used, for the two extensions, the walls were made in dry-stone, following the traditional technique from the south of France, in order to preserve the local architecture, avoiding commonly used standardized materials.

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custom kitchen project

The custom-made furniture is arranged in a minimalist space. Utility items are stored; just to reveal what needs to be seen. The original staircase adorns a light wooden surface that encompasses the clever use of space under the stairs with hidden storage for the entrance hall.

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Used Products that you can find in our store:

Atoll sofa , B&B Italia
Fat-Fat Tables, B&B Italia
Arbor Armchair, B&B Italia
Basket Lamp , Santa & Cole
Snoopy lamp , Flos

Location | South of France
Area | 100 m2
Team | (ma!ca) architecture
Photographer | Aurélien Aumond