USM x Rimowa, a perfect marriage

USM is one of our favorite brands that we admire for its timeless design, functionality and commitment to quality. Recently, USM teamed up with Rimowa to produce a surprising collaboration that brings together the best of both brands. The Concept USM by Rimowa is the perfect marriage between the iconic Haller system and the unmistakable corrugated aluminum of Rimowa suitcases, resulting in a unique edition, which despite being impressive will not be sold.

"USM has always been familiar to Rimowa, as the Haller system has been present at our headquarters in Cologne for several years" , explains Emelie De Vitis, Rimowa's marketing director, the origin of the project. The four-module sideboard was chosen for this collaboration due to its elegant proportions and original door opening system. "It's a pure and iconic USM design, a multifunctional piece that reminds me of a travel bag that can accompany us in all situations" , describes Laurent Crochet, CEO of USM in France.

The conceptual piece, which will be on display in the Rimowa showroom in Paris, pushed the production capacity of the two brands to the limit, as they collaborated closely to adapt Rimowa's corrugated aluminum to USM's Haller structure. "We have always appreciated USM and this special project only highlights that. This experimental piece is testimony to what can happen when two brands come together" , says De Vitis.

For Laurent Crochet, "collaborations are an excellent opportunity to take a step back and look at our brand differently through the eyes and ideas of others. I'm sure there will be room to deepen this concept with other collaborations with Rimowa, be it at home, in the office or on the way to one. After all, furniture and luggage are the things we trust to protect and organize our favorite things."

You can see some USM pieces here .
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