Unique Vases Inspired by the Moon

Inspired by the Moon

Luna means "Moon" in Latin, and it is precisely the surface of the Moon that served as inspiration for Muubs ' Luna vases.

Imagine a cloudy night, where the Moon shines at night and you can see its magnificent craters. Also observe the surface of the Luna vases, and let yourself be carried away by their similarity.

Creating a Luna vase requires a special technique. All vases are handmade in terracotta and their shape and surface are always unique.

When the vase has the desired shape, it goes through a drying process, and once dry, it is burned with fire. The paint is applied alternately with a coating and gently fired freehand.

The result is a unique bottle with personality and a beautiful story behind it.

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luna muubs vase

luna muubs vase

luna muubs vase

luna vase muubs