Long live Spring outside!
Spring is the season that reopens us to the outside, that makes us socialize, laugh, externalize... as if it were a recharge of energy!

It's time to take advantage of the sun that already shines on us and reflects the most vivid colors of flowers in us. We want to hear the sounds of water currents and birds. Smell the freshly cut grass and outdoor meals!

Nothing like new decoration to reinvent our gardens, balconies or even a small corner facing the sun.

Taking as a reference the colors of nature, the green of the leaves, the light tones of the blooming flowers, the brown present in the tree trunks, transports us to the Kos Teak line from the Tribù brand, as if nature itself joined the furniture.

Tribù is at its core, carefree fun in the great outdoors. Savor the sophisticated and elegant design of modernism with impeccable quality. Luxurious, but always discreet. For the Kos Teak line, Tribù uses only the best Javanese wood in its teak furniture. Its quality is controlled locally by a subsidiary under European management to guarantee European standards and quality.

Enjoy more, live better!