7 Trends for 2022

We still don't have a proven method for knowing the future, however, we can play with the probabilities and predict, with the help of the experts around us, what the biggest trends in interior design are for this year that has just begun.

Inspired by the best interior design brands , anchored by the most renowned designers , we have put together a list of the 7 trends that will predominate in interior design this year 2022 . Discover these trends and be inspired as much as we were.

1. Contemporary surrealism

The first trend identified was contemporary surrealism transported to interior design, revealed in the game of two-dimensional perspectives and bold combinations . A way to escape reality in a decorative expression that surprises and is, at the same time, playful.

Vintage Vitra

2. Marbles

In 2022 we will witness a contradictory duality in design trends: maximalism versus minimalism . The material that most reflects this contradiction is marble, which on the one hand has an intrinsic simplicity and on the other offers a range of compositions that make it quite versatile and transversal to any style of decoration, from the simplest to the most daring.

Marble Side Tables by B&B Italia

3. Iconic Pieces

At Paris:Sete we are committed to ensuring and honoring the authenticity of the pieces we select from the best designers of the past and with the mission of presenting the designers and pieces that will mark the future . What we have proven in this research is that, increasingly, it is becoming clear and evident that purchasing authentic design pieces is not only the best investment but also a trend to stay.

Eames Whale Vitra

4. Organic Formats

Since we have spent a lot of time within our walls recently, it is natural that we seek to strengthen our relationship with nature . This need was carried over to decoration, with a focus on organic materials and shapes that add depth, whilst also seeking to imitate the relaxing atmosphere of the outdoors.

Living room by Ferm Living

5. Patterns and Mix of Textures

In 2022 we may see a maximalist approach with lots of print and patterns. Printed pieces and color plays that can add more depth and result in a mix of materials and textures . This is what we suggest to take advantage of these decoration trends for this new year and refresh your spaces with more original and daring environments .

Camaleonda B&B Italia for Cabana Magazine

6. Modular Parts

Iconic pieces will always be one of the best bets in interior design, but this year multifunctional furniture solutions are also the right decision. Even more so now that our spaces have become multipurpose and our objects are also our faithful companions, there is nothing like investing in versatile and multifunctional furniture to always serve the needs of your space.

7. Dull metals

Sleek, modern finishing touches are here to stay in 2022. Dull metal finishes contrasting with bolder patterns and shapes are a must-have minimalist touch for home renovations this year.

P376 KF2 AndTradition

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We wish you a great year with the best in design πŸ™‚