Karin and Xavier Donck's house

In a house in the historic center of Ghent, Belgium, live art collectors Karin and Xavier Donck. Karin, an interior designer, and Xavier, an architect, share a love of welcoming and cultural heritage, something that is reflected in the interior of their home, where their collection of vintage furniture and art lives.

↑ Details of the house and the couple Karin and Xavier Donck

"We collect a lot of things. When we visit a city, we look for special pieces and always buy something. Sometimes we fall in love with a piece of art or a piece of furniture, a beautiful object or a plant. Once acquired, the pieces move and circulate, migrating throughout the house", says the couple. This appreciation for unique objects is visible in all environments, where a careful selection of art and design pieces lives harmoniously in the house's antique interior, characterized by wooden floors, generous windows and high ceilings.

"As a couple we share the same aesthetic vision. The evolution of our common taste is the result of a constant exchange of ideas between us. Opening our home to friends and family has been what has guided us throughout our lives. The most important thing in Home is the dinner table, where we all come together with good food and wine. For that we need comfortable furniture and the love of family and friends. Perhaps that is the essence of everything. Good conversations!"