Nicholas Pourfard's house

Nicholas Pourfard's home is a true celebration of Southern California and his work as a designer and luthier. Located in the city of Escondido, north of San Diego, the house was created by modernist architect and designer Walter S. White (1917-2002) and features all the typical elements of the fifties and sixties.

Fluid spaces, an abundance of natural light and natural materials mark the residence that Pourfard is carefully restoring. "I live in a house with architectural importance. It was designed by Walter S. White, who created the Wave House in Palm Springs, which is essentially a house museum. I have dedicated hours and hours of work to make the skeleton of the house great. It has details very interesting pieces that show how the house was built, but it wasn't very well maintained. That's why I'm doing detailed restoration work, bringing it back."

It is in this modernist environment that Nicholas Pourfard displays his entire creative universe, where pieces from his brand live side by side with furniture from Muuto , an extensive collection of chairs, books and art. The outdoor space is also important for the designer, whether on the terrace (where he has a set of Muuto Lineal chairs and table) or on the land surrounding the house.

"I can plant anything in this climate. I have mangoes, figs, dragon fruit, peaches, guava, everything. I'm planting these rare African fruits and plants that I love. The plants awaken a lot of passion in me."