The poetry of the work of the duo Barber & Osgerby

The British design duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby are one of our favorites, collaborating with some of the brands that populate our showroom such as Vitra, B&B Italia, Knoll or Flos. Working together for 30 years, the designers stand out for the simplicity, timelessness and poetry of their creations. The soft curves and perfect proportions of the chairs, sofas, tables and lamps developed by the duo are the true identifying feature of their work.

Tip Ton Chair by Vitra

Although they also develop architectural projects, it is in product design that they are able to fully translate their vision. "You have a lot more control than with architecture, where there are so many unknown factors," says Edward Barber. For Jay Osgerby, "furniture is the layer that is between the body and the building. Humans get lost in buildings, in reality it is objects like furniture that unite the different scales."
This careful work in designing timeless objects that contribute to creating environments on a human scale is visible in all of his projects, contributing to giving personality and comfort to domestic and public spaces. "When you have a blank room, it doesn't convey much until you place an object in the space. A beautiful chair and table will completely transform it. Furniture helps define spaces," concludes Barber.

"People shouldn't need to buy a lot of things. We should buy objects that can be kept for a long time, that don't get damaged and that give us joy when we use them daily."

Here you can see some of our favorite pieces created by the design duo such as the Tobi-Ishi table by B&B Italia, the Tip Ton chair by Vitra, the Belhop lamp by Flos and the Pilot armchair by Knoll.

↑ Tobi-Ishi table from B&B Italia

Flos Bellhop Lamp

Knoll Pilot Armchair