Executive life at home with USM

As we know that executive life at home is a challenge in itself, we want to help you create a good coexistence between your work space and the rest of the house.

Our homes are increasingly multipurpose, bringing together many spheres of our lives in one space. Creating a good coexistence between all of these in the place that welcomes us always forces us to put our creativity to the test to always vibrate under our roof.

It is important not to underestimate the influence of your work environment: through design and decoration your creativity is awakened and productivity takes a hitchhiker. Create a functional home office that matches the design of the rest of the house.

USM and its modular solutions are our great reference in the articulation between aesthetics and functionality, characteristics necessary to create the ideal Home Office.

USM Home Office | Paris:Seven

With USM and its modular nature , you can easily find the solution for whatever the challenge: from spaces dedicated exclusively to offices to transforming a corner into a work space, without compromising the decor. The configurations are inexhaustible, which can range from the most decorative to the most functional/organizational.

Home Office by USM | Paris:Seven

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